Retail that Fulfills Development Needs within Crossdock Industrial Parks or Mixed-Use Development Generating Significant Employees and/or Residents
Crossdock Development provides limited retail opportunities within its own Industrial Parks or Mixed-Use Developments. Land is set aside for retail lots that Crossdock uses its network of brokers to secure retail users to our developments. Selectively we will construct strip centers that meet market needs and provide opportunity to local community businesses.


Property Type

Investment Type

Year Completed

We seek to sell retail land and or construct strip centers that meet the following criteria:

$300,000 and Up Retail Land Sales to Fit Market Needs and Stability of Crossdock Industrial Parks and Mixed Use Developments
Community Strip Centers Built to Market Needs and Service of Major Employee Generation of Crossdock Industrial Parks and Mixed Use Developments

Meet Scott Moser

Retail Sales

Scott Moser’s background in retail began with individual retail users seeking permitting, planning, design, and project management for their facilities. This included retail strip centers both and infills of existing shopping centers.

These retail developments became very successful and continue to thrive today Crossdock’s overriding goal is to sell retail lots and construct strip centers in our own industrial parks and mixed-use developments. Providing retail in Crossdock’s own developments allows Crossdock to have continual knowledge of the retail needs of our industrial tenants and residents. This information ultimately produces very successful retailers.

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