3D Virtual Modeling

For new construction / build to suits, Crossdock Development provides our customers with 3D modeling of the exterior building as it resides on the finished ground. This allows our customer to envision the final product and identify areas of concern or necessary changes (ie. landscaping and berms, sign locations, maintaining or eliminating sight lines etc.).

For speculative construction, 3D modeling videos and stills provide an invaluable aid to our team of brokers to market an asset to investors and tenants that display a more complete visual of the final product.

3D Modeling

Assists in Identifying Areas of Concern or Need Adjusting
Provides a Visual Aid for the Entire Project Team
Used to Gain Community Support So the Public Can Envision and Also Provide Feedback of Areas of Concern
Marketing Is Enhanced with 3D Stills from Any Vantage Point and Videos that Provide More Information Than a Standard Brochure.

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