Lease Structuring

Customer Tailored Lease Structures
Crossdock Development understands our customer’s needs may change and we strive to provide flexible lease terms that fit with tenant requirements.

Sale Leaseback

For good credit tenants, Crossdock Development offers leasebacks as one of its customized lease structuring offerings, providing maximum cash benefits to its clients should you decide to sell your real estate space.

Lease Expansion

Crossdock Development offers flexible lease expansion options for our customers flexible lease expansion options.

Lease Contraction

Offers lease contractions options if customers need to relinquish lease space.

Rightsizing and Downsizing

As your business needs change, Crossdock Development can assist with restructuring and downsizing to fit your needs.

Meet Lee Wilburn

Principal & Partner

For over 40 years, Lee Wilburn has utilized his real estate and tax attorney background to successfully negotiate complex deals that provide the best outcomes for Crossdock’s customers. Many lease structures and arrangements are considered by Lee so that Crossdock’s customers can select the best solution for their business.

Working in the past as a broker representing land owners, developers, and tenants gives Lee unique insight into structuring beneficial agreements that close a deal in timely fashion.

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