Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (SEWS) is a global automotive supplier of wiring electronic systems, and is a subsidiary of the 400 year old Japanese based Sumitomo Corporation. Crossdock Development was tasked with constructing the largest warehouse in Sumitomo’s 400 year history and complete it in a time frame that would coincide with the closing of its existing facility in Lexington, Kentucky. Improvements in productivity at the new Crossdock Development facility were achieved with the application of new technologies and changing from an existing single load building to a cross-docking facility. Increased market trends in the automotive sector also required the new SEWS facility to incorporate expansion capabilities to meet anticipated future demands.

Crossdock Development secured significant economic development funding for road infrastructure and negotiated the land price to include the timely delivery of off-site infrastructure and utilities. Off-site and road utilities were constructed on-time and at no cost to Sumitomo or Crossdock Development.

The project resulted in retaining existing 28 jobs in the city of Lexington and adding 10 new employees with a total $8.5 million investment by Sumitomo.


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