Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems

438,750 S.F. Expandable to 521,000 S.F. / LEED Credits

Mohr Partners and Sumitomo hired Crossdock Development to provide turnkey services including site selection, land and tax incentive negotiation, and site development and building construction. Crossdock also negotiated land sale costs to provide enhanced rental rates.

Crossdock Development secured significant economic development funding for road infrastructure and negotiated the land price to include the timely delivery of off-site infrastructure and utilities. Off-site and road utilities were constructed on-time and at no cost to Sumitomo or Crossdock Development.

The project resulted in retaining existing 28 jobs in the city of Lexington and adding 10 new employees with a total $8.5 million investment by Sumitomo.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems – Japan
  • Largest Building in 425 Year Old Company History
  • Tier 1 International Automotive Supplier – Ranked in Top 20 Global OEM Parts Suppliers
  • Global Manufacturer of Advanced Electrical Distribution Systems, Electronics, and Connection Systems  in Over 20 Countries
  • State of the Art Security, Telecommunications, Material Handling and Redundant Systems
  • Improved operations achieved switching from SEWS single loading to double loading facility (shipping & receiving on opposite sides)

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