Case Study – U.S. Census (Government)

The project started as the first spec building on a three-lot master development – and was only the second building in a business park that now has over 13 million sq. ft. of inventory. (The second lot landed Shoe Sensation/Bose/Lubrizol and the third lot landed Amazon with their largest distribution center in North America at the time).

The U.S. Census Bureau still needed a facility to conduct the 2010 census – it was 2009 and they were two years behind schedule. The General Services Administration approached Crossdock to see if it could deliver a building with the advanced telecommunications requirements on a wildly compressed schedule.

After passing federal background checks and getting clearance from the Department of Homeland Security, Crossdock was awarded the contract to complete the building for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Crossdock spent $11 million dollars on tenant improvements and by circulating crews on multiple shifts with redundant equipment on-site, Crossdock delivered the completed building 75 days later.

After the Census vacated the building, Standard Register (now Taylor Communications) made it their “national center of excellence” for world-wide printing and distribution operations.

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