Case Study – Medventure (Medical Device)

MedVenture had very specialized requirements and was already behind schedule because of product demand backlog. When Crossdock first met with the company, MedVenture thought they did not have either the time or money for a build-to-suit, but Crossdock demonstrated its ability to deliver a customer facility on a timeline.

Crossdock took MedVenture’s very expensive lab requirement and accommodate it in a much more efficient and economical precast concrete building on a greenfield site. As part of the development process, Lee Wilburn traveled to Boston to meet with Boston Scientific to learn about their requirements, as well as observe their best management practices. After extensive confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, Crossdock incorporated the MedVenture production process into the building, improving workflow and waste flow.

One MedVenture representative said at the time the company had 31 facilities over the world and not one had ever opened on time; this was the first to open on time. The building features state of the art R&D and manufacturing, with three clean rooms of two categories and 280 HEPA filters. All utilities were designed and sized for expansion. Crossdock helped source local and state incentives for the project. And exemplifying “extraordinary results from ordinary materials,” Crossdock designed the award-winning facade simply by placing concrete panels together in a unique and novel way.

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